Apis Partners is a PE asset manager focused on Financial Institutions and related Business Services (FS) in growth markets. It is managed by a tried-and-tested team, who have worked together for over 15 years with extensive expertise in FS growth markets and garnered in the leading firms in both private equity and investment banking. From the outset, Apis Partners can count on extensive industry-specialized human capital and resources. In addition to the core team, the operating partner network consists of 20+ financial services professionals, on-the-ground presence in 5 countries and an extended network of 27 partner companies.

Apis Partners focuses on "capital-light" FS companies within growth markets, namely those that are well positioned to benefit directly from favourable demographic and economic trends (2010-2025 growth market consumer spending CAGR of 7% vs. 2% in developed markets), strong structural supply/demand gaps (2.2bn of 2.5bn global unbanked adults live in growth markets) and high financial services growth (2006-10 growth markets banking assets CAGR of 20% vs. 6% in developed ones).

In other words, our focus includes companies in payments (processors, remittance businesses, and eCommerce and mCommerce enablers), retail banking and consumer finance (inc. micro-lenders), insurance (inc. claims managers), capital markets and other technology-enabled financial institutions. Our geographic focus is on Africa and Asia, where the team has successfully completed investments over the past decade and where there is opportunity to provide capital (financial and human) with favourable high margins in a high growth environment. Africa and Asia showcase similar financial services innovation patterns as these regions continue to transform to meet growth market FS needs.

Apis Partners closely collaborates with Anthemis Group. Anthemis Group is a leading digital financial services investment and advisory firm focused on re-inventing financial services for the 21st century.

The official Apis website will be launching soon.