Our ecosystem

The firm

Apis Partners is a private equity asset manager. We are focused on Financial Services in Growth Markets, with a tried-and-tested team, who have worked together for over 15 years with specialised expertise in Financial Services in Growth Markets garnered in leading firms in both private equity and investment banking.

From the outset, we count on industry-specialised human capital, resources and an attractive pipeline of opportunities. In addition to the core team, our operating partner network consists of 20+ Financial Services professionals, an on-the-ground presence in 5 countries and an extended network of 27 partner companies.

Apis Partners is the manager of the Apis Growth Fund I.


We have on the ground presence in the UK, Nigeria, South Africa, India, the UAE, and the US.

The Fund is focused on Africa and Asia, geographies that represent, what we believe is an attractive, yet under-penetrated market opportunity - a high-margin and high-growth environment where the team has successfully completed investments in the past decade.

South Africa

Our belief

We believe in the re-invention of an industry that is capitalising on young populations in growing economies, that are spending and saving more, via more efficient Financial Services models.
In other words, in an industry that is firstly growing strongly and secondly, set to be one of the biggest beneficiary of growth in consumption in growth markets.

Our values

Adaptive, reactive, perseverant

We adapt quickly to changes we foresee affecting the market and react to them in real time to new developments, persevering tirelessly with our mission. Growth Markets are a hot bed of ideas and new business models, germinating from 'in situ' entrepreneurs who succeed by leveraging the very factors that are missing in Growth Markets' financial infrastructure. We will be looking for such dynamism, determination and courage when investing in entrepreneur-led companies.

Confidence driven by self awareness

As a team, we are aware of our strengths and have structured Apis Partners to play to our competencies. This gives us the confidence to trust our knowledge and experience, and make bold, intelligent choices.

Integrity and transparency at all levels

We believe in integrity of thought, word and action. We are transparent in our structure and our investments, and are forthright in our views with all our partners at every step of the way.

Relevant, responsible and impactful

In any given context, a robust financial infrastructure can buttress the vulnerable strata of society against volatility and uncertainty, and can enable investments in better health, education and self-employment opportunities. Our endeavour is to greatly expand the reach of formal financial services across populations in Growth Markets. Our success is dependent on facilitating the creation of these services and encouraging consumers to utilise them; this ensures true alignment of our incentives with financial inclusion aims.

One team, one vision

Our vision is to build a long term sustainable business based on our core values. Each member of our team lives these values. We encourage a collegiate culture of discussion and debate and actively ensure that everyone working with us, from our team to our extended ecosystem is aligned to our vision.

Impact investment

Apis Partners seeks to invest in companies that engage in suitable Financial Services provision in Growth Markets to realise the market opportunity and social benefits that financial inclusion presents.

We promote the adoption of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles throughout our portfolio and investment activities, a core tenet of which is financial inclusion. In developing our ESG policy, we have considered and adopted a range of codes and standards, including the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment, to which Apis is a signatory. ESG issues are incorporated at key stages of the investment lifecycle, from analysis and the decision making process, to ownership policies and practices, and are also promoted within the wider investment industry. Apis Partners’ approach is based on the recognised value that rigorous ESG principles have in building enduring, high-quality relationships with partners and customers for sustainable value creation in Growth Markets and actively making a positive difference.

Partnership with Anthemis Group

Apis Partners has established a close working relationship with Anthemis Group.

Anthemis Group is a firm focused on reinventing Financial Services for the 21st century that manages a portfolio of 28 principal Venture Capital investments in seed stage companies globally. Anthemis’ domain expertise in technology-driven businesses models in Financial Services, along with its extended partner network, constitutes a unique ecosystem that has access to market entrants with innovative and disruptive models. Simple and The Climate Corporation had highly successful exits in 2013 and 2014 respectively.