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Thought Leadership

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The importance of Cashless for Impact in Growth Markets

As an ESGI (ESG & Impact) native investor in financial services, the broader impact thesis of Apis Partners' investment mandate is centred around financial inclusion. One of the ways in which this is manifested is through a focus on ‘cashless’ - the ability for consumers and MSMEs to make non-cash based payments, and also to save funds electronically, is considered the first step for improving access to formal financial services.

A History of Money and Banking

Covering the origin of modern-day coins in China, the birth of banking in the 17th century and more recent weaponisation of currencies, this article aims to provide a concise overview of how money, banking and currency reached the point we are so familiar with today.

Cryptocurrencies and How They Work

Covering the concepts underpinning blockchain technology, types of cryptocurrency and the benefits of programmable assets versus traditional instruments, this article aims to provide a concise introduction to cryptocurrency technology.

Drivers of Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption

Apart from regulation, infrastructure and growing number of use cases, there are several other drivers that will widen the adoption of blockchain technologies. This article will look into user experience, interoperability, scalability, and education.

Cryptocurrency Investment Themes and Trends

We look into multiple investment themes, such as cryptocurrency services, complex DeFi applications and NFT platforms, while also sharing a proposed view of the future.

What is the Convergence of Financial and Physical Wellness? What are the Drivers?

Industry convergence redefines boundaries between sectors and increases the emphasis on usage of personal data. We see an opportunity for wellness platforms to provide true financial and physical wellness to customers through the convergence between financial services and healthcare services.

New Business Models Reflecting the Financial and Physical Wellness Convergence

Changes to the multi-decade socio-economic situation and consumer expectations, combined with technology applications, will drive convergence of financial and physical (including mental) wellness. This trend has important implications for financial services firms and their new business models.