Invested May 31, 2018


GHL Systems Berhad is ASEAN’s leading payment service provider for world-class payment services and solutions encompassing physical, Internet and mobile payments on a sale, rental or transactional basis and is one of the top merchant acquirers in the region. With key operations in Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Australia, GHL is one of the top merchant acquirers in the region. GHL manages more than 300,000 point of sales in ASEAN that enables credit card, debit card, prepaid contactless payment, loyalty, prepaid top up as well as bill payment collection services.



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


South East Asia






Apis Growth Fund I

Where did the idea for GHL come from?

GHL started as an IT company many years ago but has been focusing on payment since 2000. Today, GHL’s mission is to enable all merchants to accepts all types of electronic payments.

What are the biggest opportunities for your businesses?

GHL focuses in the ASEAN region with a population of 635 million, of which 70% are of working age and over 25% are still unbanked. We truly believe we will be able to proliferate electronic payments acceptance in this region through the usage of our own in house built technology and experience in merchant acquisition and support.

What is it like to work with Apis?

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Apis, we specifically see benefit in their experience in the online payments market, a key area of growth for our business in eGHL, and in the Merchant Cash Advance market, another key area of growth for our Third Party Acquiring business.

“Apis’ investment in GHL is a testament to our shared commitment in consistently offering solutions that enrich the payment experience for both merchants and consumers in the ASEAN region. Apis’ industry knowledge has been key to GHL’s growth and transformation journey. Additionally, Apis’ global expertise has been a valuable source of feedback as GHL innovates new payment solutions and services to address our customers’ growing needs.”

— Sean Hesh, Group CEO, GHL Systems Berhad