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What is the Convergence of Financial and Physical Wellness? What are the Drivers?

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Trends accelerating the convergence

There are a few trends accelerating this convergence, including technology, regulation, contextual services, consumer expectations and personalised experience, and demographics.

In this paper, we explore five key drivers accelerating the convergence between financial and physical wellness. We hope that some of the takeaways will benefit how you look at wellness either as a financial services player, participant in adjacent industries, or even as an interested individual.

Consumer Expectations and Personalized Experience

As consumers become more used to timely and contextual services, they increasingly look for single access points that provide solutions that meet all needs. With rising consumer expectations, we are seeing a shift from a product-centric to a customer-centric solution approach. One of the areas where this shift to customer-centric solutions is playing out is in the healthcare area. When service providers share data around consumers to offer the best solution, they can create hyper-personalized solutions that straddle both the financial and physical wellness area.

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