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Udayan Goyal moderates the Future of Money session at Sibos 2016

The Future of Money session at Sibos has become the “crystal ball” identifying major disruptive trends that are likely to affect the financial services industry in coming years.

Udayan Goyal, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Apis Partners, moderated this year’s session where he described his vision of a future which revolves around seamless, instant micropayments being made continuously between autonomous apps and services triggered by the thoughts and actions of humans as they go about their daily lives. Following the success of previous sessions and increasing interest in financial services innovation, this year’s Future of Money session was moved to the plenary hall for the first time.

Please click here to view a description of the session on the Sibos’ official website. A brief overview of what was discussed on the session, including Udayan’s vision of an interconnected world driven by interconnected payments, is also available here, courtesy of Banking Technology.

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