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Our expertise and intellectual capital are reflected on the insights we produce. Apis’ whitepapers aim at contributing to a better understanding of Growth Markets and Financial Services.



What is the Convergence of Financial and Physical Wellness? What are the Drivers?

Industry convergence redefines boundaries between sectors and increases the emphasis on usage of personal data. We see an opportunity for wellness platforms to provide true financial and physical wellness to customers through the convergence between financial services and healthcare services.

Apis 2021

New Business Models Reflecting the Financial and Physical Wellness Convergence

Changes to the multi-decade socio-economic situation and consumer expectations, combined with technology applications, will drive convergence of financial and physical (including mental) wellness. This trend has important implications for financial services firms and their new business models.

Apis March 2021

The Convergence of Financial and Physical Wellness, a New Paradigm

The convergence of financial and physical wellness and the role of data in an ecosystem will lead to new business models and investment themes for financial institutions.

Apis 2020

Artificial Intelligence & Financial Services: Cutting through the noise

We believe that the Financial Services industry will be one of the leading adopters of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within its value chain due to the dematerialised nature of the products being provided, the large data-sets being created by customers and the existence of talent within the sector to lead the adoption of AI.

Apis 2019