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Our expertise and intellectual capital are reflected on the insights we produce. Apis’ whitepapers aim at contributing to a better understanding of Growth Markets and Financial Services.



Breaking the Bank: The rise of alternative credit providers in Growth Markets

Alternative credit providers in Growth Markets are ‘breaking the bank’, by separating the ‘funding’, ‘manufacturing’ and ‘distribution’ portions of the credit value chain.

Apis 2016

Reverse Innovation in Financial Services: A 10 Year Outlook

Progressive financial inclusion together with favourable macro-economic and demographic conditions is resulting in real impact economics, opening the door to effective sustainable growth.

Apis 2014

The Financial Services Cambrian Explosion: How Growth Markets are innovating for the next 2 billion customers

An estimated 2 billion adults worldwide do not have a basic bank account. Globally, 59% of adults without an account cite lack of enough money as a key reason, implying that Financial Services are not yet affordable or designed to fit low income users.

Apis 2017

Contextual Financial Services in Growth Markets: A deep dive into off-grid solar financing

We believe that Financial Services in Growth Markets have the potential to take a radically different path than what we have experienced in developed markets.

Apis 2018

National Payments Schemes: Drivers of Economic and Social Benefits in Growth Markets

The research project shows that domestic payment schemes have the potential to take a major and potentially larger portion of global retail payments volume vis-a-vis the international payment schemes.

Apis 2014