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Managing Director

Jin Jeong

Jin is responsible for new investments and portfolio management for early growth capital across global growth markets.

He has spent 15 years investing in tech, industrial, and healthcare companies globally along with entrepreneurship endeavours. Prior to Apis, Jin directed European tech and industrial growth investments for GIC (Singapore sovereign wealth fund) where he led several notable deals such as Oxford Nanopore. Preceding that, he invested in pre-IPO and liquid investments for T Rowe Price and Wellington Management in Europe and US.

Jin started his career with JP Morgan and IFC where he focused on venture and growth equity/debt investments across Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Jin lives in London, frequents deep tech events, enjoys swimming and yoga (and occasional culinary delights) wherever Apis take him.


Seoul, Korea

Areas of expertise

B2B software and services, deep tech (AI, blockchain, genomics), industrial and healthcare

Currently located

Stockholm, Sweden


English, Korean, Spanish, Russian, Manderin and French (Socially Conversant)

Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Boards & memberships

Solve Care


Areas of focus at Apis

Venture and early growth capital, Insurance, Industrial and healthcare

What is the single most important thing in life for you?

To LIVE. Mary Oliver once asked, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

We are all gifted with this uniquely amazing opportunity, but all too often get bogged down by our imagined fears. Look forward to living in the moment a day at a time.
Take risk toward a purpose and act on my passions.

What would the trip of a lifetime be for you?

Around the world trip with family and connecting with friends. Visiting natural wonders and truly experiencing local culture.

Why I joined Apis?

We are at a historic inflection period when a confluence of technologies and socio-economic pressures will reset how economic activities are organized in the services sector (particularly, financial and healthcare) over the next decade.
Actually, the VC and PE industry itself will undergo seismic changes because of the same underlying forces.

Apis is one of those rare organisations that “get it” and can execute ahead of such changes: clear vision, highly-adaptive culture, and nimble organisation.

Why work with Growth Markets?

The same tech-enabled forces that redefine all the service sector will help re-balance global wealth relatively and possibly, absolutely barring sudden socio-political dislocations.

Ironically, the absence of legacy (regulation, infra, and user behaviour which helped advance the developed markets) in growth markets opens these economies to the biggest leapfrogging opportunities where the beachhead can be found in the financial services, which feeds into all verticals.


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