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Executive Assistant & Office Manager (Cairo)

Maggie Zaki

Maggie is an architect and designer who has gained extensive experience with multinational companies. She started her career with “Actis”, the German Development Agency “GIZ” and “Plan+Risk Consult” in Dortmund - Germany where she focused on issues of solid waste management, climate change, building partnerships and strategic sustainable development.

Additionally, Maggie has broadened her scope with overseas work experience in Hawaii, India and South Africa, while pursuing her masters in “Urban Development”. She successfully obtained it from the “Technische Universität” in Berlin - Germany.

Maggie moved back to her family-oriented lifestyle in Cairo. She escapes the city on the weekends and enjoys exploring different cultures through local traveling (till the pandemic ends).


Cairo, Egypt

Areas of expertise

Events management, Communication & people management, Supply chain & logistics, Administrative services, Customer management, Social development & services

Currently located

Cairo, Egypt


Arabic, English and a bit of German

Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Areas of focus at Apis

Office Management and Logistics

What are your favourite hobbies?

Backpacking is most definitely my favourite hobby but to avoid clichés, I would add ping pong.

What is your favourite book/movie? And why?

My favourite documentary is #human: What makes us human? by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, as it displays the collective human experience shedding light on love, joy and struggles with poverty and war. From personal stories around the world to ariel images of beautiful landscapes, questioning the human responsibility and encouraging the connection to make social change.

How did your background prepare you for a role at Apis?

I have been able to develop my teamwork, leadership and communication skills through my involvement in several roles across various industries. I am confident that my diverse background has enriched my knowledge and will allow me to successfully and creatively attend to all the challenges that I might come across.

Why focus on positive social impact?

In order to better address the social implications of corporate activities, with a special focus on financial inclusion and long-term sustainability goals, I believe that through a combination of internal strong financial base along with serving people through the portfolio companies and outside the organization, a holistic model is achieved.


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