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Investment Committee member

Michael Essex

Michael has spent virtually all of his + 40 year career investing in Growth Markets across Asia & the Pacific, EMENA and Africa. He has deep experience in these markets investing with clients across the spectrum-transnational corporations, domestic corporates and SME’s. He is an independent member of Apis' Investment Committee and also serves on the Boards of MENA and Asia based financial institutions.
Prior to joining Apis, Michael was International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Regional Director, responsible for IFC’s investment and advisory operations in the wider MENA Region - Pakistan to Morocco, 20 Countries. Prior to that he served as Executive Director, Corporate Banking, NZI Securities Australia and Risk Supervisor, Asia for Bank of Nova Scotia. These positions were based in Cairo & Dubai, Sydney and Manila respectively.
Michael lives in Colombo, Sri Lanka, is married with one son and enjoys fly-fishing in Canada’s Arctic.


London, Ontario

Areas of expertise

Growth Markets, Financial and Real sectors

Currently located

Colombo, Sri Lanka



Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Boards & memberships

Ahli United Bank BSC (Group Holding Co) and AUB’s subsidiaries in Egypt, UAE (Dubai) and Kuwait

Board Member & Chairman of BOD Committees-Audit, Corporate Governance and Compensation

Macquarie Group

Founding member of Board, Investment Committee & Shareholders Advisory Committee Member - India Infratsructure Fund

Areas of focus at Apis

Investment Committee Member

What are some of the things you enjoyed most in your working career?

It's been rewarding to have been able to help unlock the potential of client companies, to assist them overcome their constraints to grow in a sustainable way. I’ve been fortunate to have worked alongside a diverse group of colleagues while living in 11 countries over my career.

What is a favourite pastime or hobby?

One would have to go a long way to better the experience of catching a 10 lb Atlantic Salmon in Canada’s Arctic on a fly rod. Imagine a sunny July day, nothing but blue sky, tundra covered hills all around and temps in the low 60’s. After a good spell of fly casting, switching up trying a range of flies, then to strike a salmon, play it for a stretch of time as its leaps out of the water and land it - a bonus when added to the beauty of Canada’s Arctic. It’s all catch & release, so just the salmon’s picture gets taken.

How did your background prepare you for a role at Apis?

Working in Growth Markets with a concentration in the financial sector has been my career focus. Experience which relates well to serving as a Member of Apis' Investment Committee.

Why work with Growth Markets?

Scare capital correctly deployed has deep impact on companies and their communities in Growth Markets - creating scale, widening product and geographic reach. The impact and returns which come from early mover investment, make investing in these markets compelling.


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