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Managing Director, CFO / COO

Monica Pinto

Monica has over 20 years of experience in direct investing, management and strategy consulting, primarily in Growth Markets.

Prior to Apis, she was a Director at Banco Efisa. She was the head of the business unit focused on private equity investments, debt financing and corporate finance in international markets (Africa, India, Middle East, Eastern Europe and Brazil). She was responsible for all aspects ofmanagement including P&L, capital allocation, investment criteria, origination, end to end execution of transactions and management of the team.

Monica was also a strategy consultant for Marakon Associates in London, where she led teams in Europe and Brazil for global banks in a variety of strategic issues.
At Procter & Gamble, she worked in Europe, Latin America and South East Asia setting up new companies.

She is passionate about history, arts, adventurous travelling off the beaten track (over 55 countries and counting, lived in three continents) and trekking, and dedicates her free time in honing her Ikebana skills or sailing in the Atlantic, off the coast of her native Lisbon.


Lisbon, Portugal

Areas of expertise

Credit, Banking, Strategy, Growth Markets, Fund Administration

Currently located

London, UK


Portuguese, English, Spanish, German, French (basic)

Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Boards & memberships

Apis Growth Fund I general partner entities


Areas of focus at Apis

Finance (group / funds), Operations, Fund Administration

What is the most important lesson you have ever learned?

Each day provides helpful lessons and insights, but I like to believe that “It is not over till it’s over” and one should never give up.

What are your favourite hobbies?

To balance the analytical and ‘left brain’ day to day demands of working at Apis, I like to push myself into more artistic fields. One of my passions is Ikebana: this ancient Japanese art form is more than flower arrangement, each exercise is a self-improvement journey and a creativity problem, waiting to be solved through composition, aesthetics, minimalism (less is more), emptiness and (some) formal principles. I also thoroughly enjoy sailing.

What do you like the most about Apis?

The people I work with, the fast pace, the intellectual rigour, the passion to excel, and in the long run, the tangible impact that the investments made by the funds managed by Apis have in the local communities helping many to join the formal financial sector, alleviating poverty and enhancing their lives.

How did your background prepare you for a role at Apis?

Throughout my past experience there have been two common vectors: a hands-on experience in emerging markets, and a passion for Financial Services, a sector that has been a constant for the past 15 years.


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