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Office Manager (Apis Africa)

Omolola Ogundepo

7 years professional experience with expertise in administrative management and project management.
Core skills include managing project lifecycle from point of initiation to completion and ensuring projects meet client’s scope, timeline and budget. Competent at optimising processes, achieving business objectives, and managing employee performance.


Lagos, Nigeria

Areas of expertise

Project Management, Corporate communications, Office Management

Currently located

Lagos, Nigeria



Prior Experience

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Areas of focus at Apis

Office Management

What is the most important lesson you have ever learnt?

What is the most important lesson you have ever learnt? The most important lesson I have ever learnt is believing in myself and believing I can do whatever I set my mind to do regardless of any obstacle

What are your favourite hobbies?

My favourite hobbies are travelling, creating/sketching posters/images and reading a book

Why focus on positive social impact?

Positive social impact is very important especially in growth markets because it bridges the gaps among various social segments such as unemployment/employment and wealth creation to members of a society.
It is also important for business and marketing purposes such as securing deals, gaining trust amongst potential clients and more wealth creation.

What do I like the most about Apis?

I like the structure and work ethics within the company


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