Invested July 2019


blüüm is a scenario based, integrated insurance and services ecosystem serving consumers and channel partners with family-oriented insurance products (e.g. critical illness and life) through its own network. blüüm provides businesses, insurers and agents with insurance products & tools and focuses on the front-end united user experience. Empowered by CareVoiceOS, blüüm integrates health insurance and services with channel partners; and serve unmet needs of end customers by creating and selling new health insurance products to end users. In the selling process, blüüm is involved in marketing research and campaign, product design, and customer engagement.



Hong Kong, China








Apis Insurtech Fund

Where did the idea behind blüüm come from?

Insurance is hard to differentiate. But under certain scenario and with dedicated health/lifestyle services, we retain our customers more strongly and finally become their friend. blüüm resembles blooming flower where the flakes are the scenarios we engage with our customers.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

We envision ourselves as a leading scenario-based health protection ecosystem in China and other Asia-Pacific markets.

What are the biggest opportunities for blüüm business?

Use insurance as a basis but go beyond insurance into the ocean of personalized health services integration with one platform.

How does blüüm contribute to its local audience?

We listen to our local customers and tailor to their specific needs. On the other sides, we create personalization based on standard modules with lower cost.

“Working with Apis is like work with a pal and mentor. On the pal side, Apis is always supporting the nest interest of blüüm team; On the guru side, Apis gives great advice on key strategic decision to help move the business to the next stage.”

— Ying Wu, CEO of blüüm