Our story

Returns with Responsibility

Apis was formed in 2014 by Managing Partners Matteo Stefanel and Udayan Goyal, who had the shared vision of driving financial services, with the help of innovation and technology, as a cornerstone of building better lives for people across the world. Apis’ funds invest primarily in high-growth, capital-light and tech-enabled financial services companies across global markets.

Apis is highly conscious of the developmental impact that the provision of growth capital for financial services and financial infrastructure businesses in global markets can achieve, and as such, financial inclusion and financial wellness are core tenets of Apis’ impact investment approach.

Globally present, Apis has representation in eight countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Apis core values

Adaptive, reactive and perseverant
We adapt quickly to changes we foresee affecting the market and react in real time to new developments, persevering tirelessly with our mission. Technology driven financial services (you will already know that we dislike the oft misused term “FinTech”) continues to be one of the great investment opportunities of our time. The opportunity has globalised like never before and we are excited to have the opportunity to back inspirational entrepreneurs and innovative companies that continue to redefine and disrupt a once sleepy sector. Not only is this interesting but frankly fun!

Confidence driven by self awareness
We are aware of our strengths and have structured Apis to play to our competencies. This gives us confidence to trust our knowledge and experience, and make bold, intelligent choices.

Integrity and transparency at all levels
We believe in integrity of thought, word and action. We are transparent in our structure and our investments, and are forthright in our views with all our partners at every step of the way.  Integrity mean nothing to hide:  if you have nothing to hide, there is no such thing as over-communication, just bad (irrelevant) communication.

Relevant, responsible and impactful
In any given context, a robust financial infrastructure can buttress the vulnerable strata of society against volatility and uncertainty, and can enable investments in better health, education and self-employment opportunities – this applies equally across the “developed” world and the “developing” world. Our endeavour is to propagate the democratisation of finance across the world so that everyone has access to the appropriate products and tools to simplify and enhance their lives. Our success is dependent on facilitating the creation of these services and encouraging consumers to utilise them; this ensures true alignment of our incentives with financial inclusion aims.

One team, one vision
Our vision is to build a long term sustainable business based on our core values. Each member of our team lives these values.  We encourage a collegiate culture of discussion and debate and ensure that everyone working with us, from our team to our extended ecosystem is aligned with our vision.


Why have we named our company after the Latin word for a bee? Many reasons...


Bees are renowned hard workers, they are determined and dedicated to getting the job done.


Bees are fiercely loyal, diligent and selfless. 


Bees work together, as a team, towards a common goal.


Bees have a sharp sense of focus. No distractions or obstacles will keep them from reaching their goal.

Our timeline


Apis Partners formed
Apis was officially formed in April 2014


Apis Growth Fund I
US$ 287M
10 investments and eight exits to date


Apis Growth Fund II
US$ 563M
11 investments*, one exit and two partial exits to date

*DTOne and Ezra are included as one investment

Apis Insurtech Fund I
US$ 115M
12 investments to date


Actis FS team transition to Apis


TechFin co-founding partners join Apis
The partners solidify the firm’s European and US investment coverage