Scale of Impact

A message from Apis Partners founders Matteo Stefanel and Udayan Goyal

The last few years globally have been characterised by the COVID-19 pandemic – the challenges that this has created have been like no other, and this only strengthens the case for the long-term sustainable investment theses that are inherent part of the Apis’ investment mandate, such as financial wellness, financial literacy, electronic payment systems, and technology-led distribution systems; it is now clearer than ever that these are fundamental to a resilient economy globally.

Apis invests in far reaching and inherently impactful companies that are committed to widening access to formal financial services. Through our ‘impact filtered’ approach to investing in companies that are commercially sustainable, we ensure that the impact created by them continues to be delivered sustainably and over a long-term horizon.

Our companies adhere to strong ESG principles including improving employment standards, strengthening governance, and finding new ways to empower women. We encourage this through our active influence, on-the-ground operating presence, and experienced team, and we sincerely believe that strong ESG principles are the cornerstone of positive outcomes for all stakeholders. As such, we continue to improve our own ESG and Impact processes, and we will seek opportunities to continue doing so, and contribute to the global discussion around these issues.

Our commitment to ESG and Impact (‘ESGI’) allows us create value in a sustainable way, and deliver on our twin-goals of financial returns and social impact, to ultimately deliver Returns with Responsibility.

Scale of impact created

Fund investments managed by Apis have impacted the lives of millions of people:

Apis portfolio company operating coverage

Apis invests in far-reaching and impactful companies that are committed to deepening the formal financial services sector in over 160 countries globally.

Apis portfolio companies COVID-19 response

We are proud that Apis portfolio companies recognised the health and safety risks to their employees and customers in their local markets, and moved swiftly to institute COVID-safe protocols within their workplaces and quickly made the necessary investments to enable the vast majority of their employees to work from home.

The continued wellbeing of employees of Fund portfolio companies is extremely important to Apis and we have supported this by sharing best practices to minimise risk and recommend international best practices in line with our continued focus on core ESG principles.

Apis Fund portfolio companies actively recognised their continued responsibility to the local communities they serve and acted to ensure high quality information regarding COVID-19 and best practice safety guidelines were also shared with their customers directly.