Invested August 2021


Founded in 2007, DOKU is one of Indonesia’s leading independent digital payment platforms, enabling merchants to accept a wide range of payment options in online transactions. Currently, it provides merchants with comprehensive suite of payment solutions from a single connection to various payment types, analytics, risk management and settlement solutions.

Doku is integrated with over 20+ payment channels in Indonesia and in 2018, DOKU launched 1-to-many disbursements for its fund transfer business segment, allowing DOKU to ride on the growth of fintech lending in Indonesia. DOKU’s key value proposition for the fintech lenders include account validation and fraud screening for AML and CTF. DOKU’s disbursement solution is not only for the lending sector but it can be applied to many different industries e.g. merchant refunds and corporate payments. In addition to the local fund transfer business, Doku also has partnership with Money Transfer Operators in three countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan) for cross border remittances.

DOKU’s partners in the region include notable players such as H&M, Air Asia, JetStar, Garuda Indonesia, and Lazada.





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Apis Growth Fund II

Where did the idea behind DOKU come from?

We are a payment technology company based in Indonesia. When we started the company, our dream was to pave the way towards a cashless society where everyone can have access to digital financial services. As the pioneer of electronic payments in Indonesia, we continue to come up with new innovations to create better and better payment solutions that can help businesses of any size to streamline their payment needs.

From paying and getting paid to transferring funds, all are possible with DOKU. For more than a decade, we have grown together alongside with large and medium scaled companies to personal sellers from various lines of businesses, ranging from the transportation, tourism, insurance, retail, donation, and many more industries. Collaboration with partners such as local and international banks, also non-banking institutions, has strengthened our reputation as a trusted local electronic payment solution.

Commencing operation in 2007, DOKU business has been growing from 20+ to 300+ employees in 2021. DOKU has obtained 6 licenses from Bank of Indonesia that enables us to offer a variety of solutions such as payment gateway, domestic fund transfer, cross border remittance, biller payments, e-money and e-wallet, also as licensed collecting agent.

As businesses are becoming increasingly more border-less, we have also taken advantage of this. DOKU does not just service local Indonesian merchants but we also have a number of overseas clients and partners who want to tap into the Indonesian market.

What is it like to work with Apis?

We see the collaboration with Apis as a new chapter for DOKU and the transformation of the way people do business in Indonesia. The new funds from Apis will help drive DOKU’s growth as a company strives to develop new technologies and products from our three service pillars, which are payment gateway, transfer services and collaborative commerce.

Apis manages a private equity growth fund, with a portfolio of payment companies around the world. We believe we will benefit from their experience funding companies like DOKU.

How does DOKU contribute to its local audience?

As the pioneer payment gateway in Indonesia, DOKU has a unique understanding of the local market, which will be able to advance the economic growth of digital payments in Indonesia.

Together with Apis, our company will be able to invest in engineering and product development for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as to encourage digital payment literacy for this sector.

The result will be greater access for Indonesians to perform online payments and experience its benefits and simplicity. In addition, community empowerment is a focus of DOKU’s future innovation, together with its growing community partners.

“We see this collaboration with Apis as a new chapter for DOKU and the transformation of the way people do business in Indonesia. Moving forward, we expect an exchange of insights that will encourage a greater access for Indonesians to perform online payments and experience its benefits and simplicity.”

— Nabilah Alsagoff, Chief Operating Officer, DOKU