DT One

Invested May 2022


DT One is a leading B2B digital transfer network for mobile top-up and data solutions. It interconnects more than 1,000 telecommunications, digital and business partners across 160 countries, delivering smart digital connectivity solutions for over 5 billion mobile consumers across emerging economies, helping them maintain quality digital and social connections.

Among the many customers who have joined DT One’s network over the years, to name a few: mobile operators AT&T, Ooredoo, Saudi Telecom and Vodafone, Southeast Asia’s leading super app Grab, online payments platform PayPal, mobile money wallet Coins.ph, and global money transfer operators MoneyGram, Western Union and WorldRemit.

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Where did the idea behind DT One come from?

DT One (previously TransferTo) was set up in 2006 to take on the challenge that sending small amounts of money across borders is extremely inefficient and expensive. Noticing that mobile airtime and data was a very valuable currency in emerging markets, DT One set out to make sending a mobile top-up to a family member anywhere in the world an instant and cost effective reality. Adopting a B2B model, DT One built a two sided marketplace that initially facilitated migrant workers to connect with and financially support their loved ones back home by topping up their phones. DT One accomplished this over several years by connecting to and partnering with mobile operators in over 160 countries to be able to directly process airtime top-ups across borders. Over time DT One has expanded its product offering and the use cases of its network to support influencer payouts, incentives and loyalty programs.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

DT One has developed an unparalleled network with mobile operators for mobile top ups and data top ups and is now replicating this across multiple other categories of digital value services such as prepaid utilities, gaming pins, vouchers, gift cards etc. In 5 years, DT One will become the largest B2B one-stop global marketplace for digital values, enabling any app to launch a custom digital services offering instantly through a simple plugin.

How does DT One contribute to its local audience?

DT One’s network and operations today span 160+ countries around the world, with a focus on emerging markets. Though servicing a variety of use cases with its enterprise customers through its product offerings, DT One’s versatile contribution to communities can be best explained through an illustration. Mobile data serves as a valuable currency for many in emerging markets, and DT One is a key enabler for individuals to (1) receive a data top up from a family member overseas, when he/ she is running out of connectivity (2) earn points on an influencer platform and redeem it for data to continue browsing and posting (3) engage with their favorite brand or complete pulse polls for a data reward

“Apis has demonstrated a strong understanding of our business, and deep learnt expertise with fintech infrastructure players like ourselves. We view APIS as a strategic thought partner in our next phase of growth, and not just a financial investor.”

— Peter De Caluwe, CEO and Dan Gardner, CFO