Invested June 20, 2016


EPS is a leading provider of electronic payment services in India. Since 2011, EPS has provided end-to-end ATM deployment and managed services across urban, semi-urban and rural locations in India, on behalf of leading public sector banks in the country. EPS deployed its first ATMs in the country in support of the Ministry of Finance (Government of India) led mission to drive financial inclusion and reach the unbanked.

Website www.electronicpay.in


Mumbai, India






Independent ATM deployment


Apis Growth Fund I

Where did the idea behind EPS come from?

EPS was founded by a team of industry veterans that were instrumental to the inception of the ATM industry in India, who previously deployed some of the earliest machines in the country, and implemented the first shared payment network in India.

What is it like to work with Apis?

It has been highly productive to work with an investor that fully understands the nuances of our sector, and has been able to advise on strategic and operational opportunities for EPS. This has meant that the value addition to our Company has spanned beyond financial capital alone.

How did Apis contribute to EPS?

Apis has been critical in helping EPS gain access to, and assess the numerous consolidation opportunities that exist in the market – Apis’ global Financial Services network led to EPS to complete a transformational acquisition from a global payments firm.

“We feel proud to be part of Apis’ portfolio companies and thank them for the support. Through their strategic advice, global networks and deep understanding of the ecosystem they have helped evolve EPS into a India’s leading b2b payment technology services company.”

— Mani Mamallan, Founder & CMD, EPS