Eureka AI

Invested January 2020


Eureka Analytics is a data as a service platform that helps mobile operators monetize externally its data corpus. Eureka accomplishes this by partnering with enterprise customers in other industries to identify commercial opportunities and create products that leverage vertical-relevant mobile data required to deliver new revenue streams and improve operations. Effectively, Eureka’s platform works as an automated outsourced AI and data scientist team that formulates immediately monetizable commercial opportunities for both telecom operators and enterprises working with such operators.

Currently, Eureka offers three key products: i) market intelligence: ranging from real-time market share reports (across different industries) and multi-country surveys to analytics on user geolocation and user preference, ii) financial intelligence: combining mobile data with existing credit, underwriting, and fraud scoring to enhance the outcome for lenders, insurers, and other verticals consuming similar products, and iii) artificial intelligence (DS2): its feature store enables end-to-end MLOPs to scale data science across teams in an organisation and empowers data scientists with data & feature discovery, data quality management, and feature management on population-scale datasets.



Jakarta, Indonesia




Telecom and Financial Services


Data Analytics and Software


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