Invested December 2021


Established in 2013 in Singapore, Giift is a rapidly growing provider of an end-to-end loyalty management platform connecting issuers, merchants and end-users. The Company is active in over 50 countries with a loyalty marketplace that supports over 75 million active users, 1 million merchants and 10 million products. Giift powers loyalty programs for some of the world’s leading brands across a range of sectors with a dominant presence in Financial Services in Emerging Markets. The Company has achieved significant growth and traction in recent years increasing net revenue by c. 60% annually between 2018 and 2021, as Giift solutions are leveraged to drive customer acquisition, retention and engagement for clients.







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Apis Growth Fund II

Where did the idea behind Giift come from?

After working in the hospitality benefits industry for over 15 years, Laurent Xatart recognized that the loyalty and rewards industry was ripe for disruption. He realized that the traditional, in-house points issuance, accrual, and redemption ecosystems were outdated and largely ineffective. He launched Giift in 2013 to create a new standard for the future of loyalty and customer engagement by developing an end-to-end, open loop loyalty and customer engagement system on a global scale. Giift LBMS, Giift Marketplace, and Giift Engage are the foundation of the new standard and, along with Giift Box and Giift Pay, only the beginning of Giift’s journey.


Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In five years Giift expects to be a publicly listed company and the Giift Loyalty Platform to be the market leader and industry standard for the loyalty and rewards industry. Giift will have a truly global footprint as the Apis investment helps the company expand in the Americas and Europe, solidify its market leadership in APAC, GCC and Africa, and accelerate its segment penetration of new industries and verticals. The Giift Marketplace will be the largest online market for the redemption and exchange of points for everything from travel to fungible currencies, and the Giift platform will be a critical asset for companies of all sizes, industries, and geographic locations.

“Giift’s financial advisors introduced the Apis team to CEO Laurent Xatart in June 2021. The diligence process proved a logistical challenge, with team members on both sides spread from Singapore to Dubai, London, New York, and San Francisco (not to mention Covid’s global impact). However, both Giift and Apis understood the valuable synergies presented by a partnership.

“Apis has recommended partnership ideas, not only with Apis portfolio companies but also their global network, proving critical value beyond the initial investment. The Apis team was professional, methodical, thorough, and enthusiastic throughout the investment process and the Giift team looks forward to a very rewarding future with Apis as its partner.”

— Laurent Xatart & Pascal Xatart, Co-Founders