Gorila Invest

Invested October 2021


Gorila Invest is a Sao Paulo based online B2C and B2B2C asset investment aggregation portal tracking investments across all wealth management vendors.

The platform provides investment professionals (e.g. financial advisors, broker dealers, independent agents) and retail investors with analytics and CRM tools that help them calculate return ratios, quotes, and pricing.

Website gorila.com.br


Sao Paulo


Latin America


Wealth Management




Apis Insurtech Fund

Where did the idea behind Gorila Invest come from?

The idea behind Gorila came from the realization that investing is a social phenomenon and that advisors are key players in the investment distribution market. From that we started to understand and solve advisors’ pains and problems.

How does Gorila Invest contribute to its local audience?

Gorila helps investors and advisors by organizing investment information and giving meaning to the data extracted from all this information. This way we enable our audience to make better investment and business decisions.

“Working with Apis has been great, all the interactions we have are constructive and insightful. They understand what we are trying to build and how we plan to change the investment distribution market in Brazil. We are glad to have Apis in this journey with us.”

— Guilherme Assis, Co-founder and CEO, Gorila Invest