Invested September 2021. Partial exit February 2023


Founded in 2009, MNT Investments is the holding company for the leading non-bank lender in Egypt, catering to underserved retail and MSME customer segments via:

  1. Tasaheel: the largest microfinance institution in the country;
  2. Mashroey: the leading consumer and asset finance provider in the country;
  3. Halan: a super-app catering to underserved communities;
  4. Raseedy: an independent smart open-loop wallet.

Supporting financial inclusion through a nationwide network of c.600 branches, MNT helps c.600,000 micro-entrepreneurs generate higher returns to improve their living standards, while offering valuable services to c.1m users in underserved communities via its Halan and Raseedy digital channels



Cairo, Egypt






Unsecured Lending


Apis Growth Fund II

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

MNT-Halan will continue to expand its product offerings to tens of millions of customers in Egypt, and cross-border to become the leading FinTech player in the region.

What are the biggest opportunities for MNT-Halan’s business?

All the business lines in which MNT-Halan is operating, including lending, payments, buy now pay later (BNPL), ecommerce, and delivery, although have scaled, are in their nascent stages of development and hence there is enormous opportunity in each one of these areas. The largest opportunity is as they have all reached maturity, MNT-Halan is creating an ecosystem for both merchants and consumers that serves their daily needs.

How does MNT-Halan contribute to its local audience?

In a country where there is 90% mobile penetration and 70% of the population is unbanked, MNT-Halan’s fintech ecosystem will empower underserved communities while addressing inequality and female economic participation. Targeting micro businesses and consumers, MNT- Halan has created a fintech ecosystem by connecting consumers, vendors and micro-enterprises through a consumer facing app, merchant app, Halan Neuron (distributed lending and payment processing software), and payment solutions. Users have a single interface to access all of their financial needs.

“Apis have been of great support since we started conceptualizing and thinking about the deal. They have given us enormous insights into markets, their experience in payments, technology, and emerging markets has been a huge value add to us.”

— Mounir Nahkla, Founder and CEO, MNT-Halan