Invested Dec 2022


India is one of the most underserved large economies when it comes to access to financial products, particularly access to formal credit. Only 10% of Indians are eligible for formal credit products from traditional institutions. 

Founded in 2014, moneyview is on a mission to provide access to world-class financial products to every deserving Indian having a Smartphone. moneyview uses data-driven approach to provide personalized financial products that best suit the customers’ profile and needs. Their end-to-end digital processes allows users to apply for products using their smartphones in a frictionless & instant manner. 

With over 45 million+ app downloads, the Company is currently operating at an annualised disbursal run rate of $1.2 billion and is currently managing AUMs of over $1 Billion. moneyview has been unit economic positive since inception and has been profitable for the past two years.



Bengaluru, Karnataka








Apis Growth Fund II

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

The users who are today coming to moneyview for credit solutions, are also underserved for a broader suite of financial products. Keeping accessibility & simplicity as key themes, moneyview is slowly moving towards the digital banking space and will also offer a bunch of other financial services like savings, investments, insurance to serve this segment, where traditional institutions fail.

“Our performance and growth over the past two years has allowed us to drive our mission of true financial inclusion in India with great success. We are thrilled to have Apis Partners join us in our journey and with their support, we look forward to becoming India’s leading online credit platform with innovative and holistic financial solutions.”

— Puneet Agarwa, CEO