Invested July 2020


Prenetics is a global health technology company focused on providing preventative health solutions. Prenetics’ mission is to bring health closer to people by decentralising healthcare and focusing on comprehensive testing capabilities covering prevention, diagnostics and personalised care. Prenetics is one of the largest consumer genomics company in Asia. It offers a more advanced yet cost effective consumer gene testing kits to its population and aims to leverage data to roll out personalized health services and products to its customer base over time.



Mumbai, India




Healthcare Services


Genomics and diagnostics


Apis Insurtech Fund I

Where did the idea behind Prenetics come from?

The name Prenetics comes from “Prevention”, “Genetics” and “Diagnostics”. Our mission is to bring health closer to millions of people globally. We seek to decentralize healthcare by making the three pillars — Prevention, Diagnostics and Personalized Care — comprehensive and accessible to anyone, at anytime and anywhere.


Where do you see the company in 5 years?

In 5 years, we envision Prenetics to be a global healthcare ecosystem that disrupts the conventional healthcare system and improves our customers’ wellbeing through comprehensive and innovative testing and personalized solutions delivered through telehealth services.


What are the biggest opportunities for Prenetics’ business?

We have the opportunity to build a health ecosystem comprising of the best in class technology and delivering value to millions of patients around the world. We intend to reach there by launching new pipeline products into our existing markets and by entering into new geographies including the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition we are actively looking at acquisitions which fit into our vision of decentralizing healthcare, which include digital health, rapid diagnostics and clinical laboratories globally.

“The Apis team has been an important investor and partner of Prenetics, backing our vision and enabling us to make transformative impact especially in the beginning of the pandemic. With Apis’ investment we were able to complete strategic M&As and meaningful R&D in the rapid diagnostics space in order to drive durable long-term growth.”

— Danny Yeong, Co-founder and CEO, Prenetics