Invested May 2019


SecureNow is one of the largest independent B2B insurtech distributors in India.

It distributes competitive commercial insurance products (e.g. group health insurance, property insurance, motor and liability insurance) to SMEs in a sustainable and scalable manner by leveraging its optimized on/offline network which includes insurance and channel partners.

It is a full-service firm that provides high NPS claims support to small companies in addition to placing quality insurances. With its advanced technology platform, SecureNow has been able to offer a smooth and cost-efficient onboarding process with limited handholding required.



Gurugram, India








Apis Insurtech Fund

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

SecureNow is already one of the largest distributors of commercial insurance to small businesses. But even at our current scale we cover a small proportion of the 60 million small businesses in India. In 5 years we see ourselves crossing the 1 million customer mark.

What are the biggest opportunities for SecureNow’s business?

SecureNow’s biggest opportunity is to completely digitise the sales, servicing and claims handling of all commercial insurances. This is a painstaking process that needs to be done product-by-product and process-by-process. The back-end end work is complete and the opportunity for us now is to provide digital access to a very large number of platforms and small businesses.

“What we really value about Apis is the deep insurance domain experience, the focus on profitability and the extensive networks that we get access to. Put together these are helping SecureNow build a high-quality, value-oriented insurance business.”

— Kapil Mehta, Co-founder and CEO, SecureNow