SJ Mobile Labs

Invested September 2021


SJ Mobile Labs is looking to i) disrupt Japan’s bancassurance market which remains physical and lack suitable digital mobile options and ii) build a mobile savings, wealth, and protection (direct to consumer) platform to distribute investments and insurance products of financial institutions in Japan. The co-founders of the Company are the C-suite that have built and successfully exited SingLife.









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Where did the idea behind SJ Mobile Labs come from?

SJML is the summa of our insights and experience of decades of combined life at the intersection of tech and finance. We are on a mission to empower Japanese savers to better put their money to work. We do this through simple products, clever technology and bringing trust back to financial advice

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

SJML will be part of everyday life for Japanese consumers.

What are the biggest opportunities for SJ Mobile Labs business?

The biggest opportunity in Japan is to turn the largest savers population in the world into confident investors. Japanese save like no others but are still far behind their peers when it comes to investing. With an ageing population and a smaller workforce to support social services, it’s anticipated that younger working people will need to be more financially self-sufficient than any prior generation.

How does SJ Mobile Labs contribute to its local audience?

We are building a brand and an experience that provides access to relevant financial products, using simple language and an intuitive interface. Our success will be measured in terms of the financial resilience of our customers.

“I’ve seen the APIS team in action for almost a decade: the insight, care and smarts of each interaction with them is second to none. We are now thrilled to count APIS as one of our shareholders and look forward to growing the business with them.”

— Samantha Ghiotti, Co-founder and CEO, SJ Mobile Labs