Invested October 2017 - May 2022


Q LINK provides premium collections solutions to improve collection rates for 3rd party benefits providers. Q LINK is an integral partner to life insurance companies in South Africa, assisting them with millions of monthly collections, and ensuring that individuals put savings products at the forefront of their monthly payments.

Website www.qlink.co.za


Pretoria, South Africa


Southern Africa


Service Providers


Processing & BPO


Apis Growth Fund I

Where did the idea behind Q LINK come from?

Q LINK was conceptualized to address the need to protect Government employees from predatory lending and overselling of Financial Services which was leading to employees having little to no take home pay after deductions for these services. Q LINK created a rule based technology layer to protect government employees by working with the Government to set rules to ensure employees maintain a minimum take home pay and provided a real-time affordability check for insurance companies.

Which are the biggest opportunities for Q LINK’s business?

Q LINK has established itself as one of the most trusted service providers to insurance companies in South Africa. The South African insurance industry is going through a tech overhaul with the goal of making internal procedures more efficient and profitable, a trend which can be observed across the world. Q LINK is well positioned to play a larger role in the value chain of insurance companies through the provision of complimentary services to billing and payments.

How did Apis contribute to Q LINK?

While Q LINK and Apis’ journey has only just begun, Apis is working with Q LINK across multiple areas of its business: including new product development, M&A, introduction to future partners.

“Working with the Apis team has been an enlightening experience. Their calm demeanour has really illustrated to me how valuable a calm approach in business can still drive profits and ensure that relationships are protected.”

— Henry Smith, Executive Chairman, Q Link