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Invested September 22, 2016 - September 2021

DPO Group

The Direct Pay Online (DPO) Group is the leading payments service provider in Africa, with presence in 14 countries across the continent. DPO serves tens of thousands merchants in Africa, including leading E-commerce and travel and tourism-related businesses. The Group accepts all major cards, mobile money and e-wallets, and is a leader in technology, usability and security. It is currently the only Payment Service Provider out of South Africa holding PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, and recently introduced a revolutionary mobile application that enables merchants to process EMV, Contactless and Mobile Money payments. The Group acquired PayGate South Africa in September 2016, VCS and PayThru South Africa and SetCom in 2017.


Nairobi, Kenya






Online PSP

Where did the idea behind DPO come from?

In 2006, DPO Co-Founder and CEO, Eran Feinstein, received a call from a small Kenyan airline, asking him to develop an online booking system that would allow them to better cater to the needs of foreign travellers and tourists. Eran agreed and travelled to Nairobi to find a local bank that would process the airline’s online payments for bookings. He discovered that none were providing this service. When Eran returned to Israel, he and Offer Gat, the second Co-Founder and Group Chairman, decided to develop a sustainable solution. Both realised that other airlines, hotels and travel agents across Africa would need a similar solution, and in December 2006 set up the company and started to process online payments in Africa.

What is it like to work with Apis?

Apis have been great partners to DPO. We have been able to leverage their deep sector expertise and their extensive local and global networks within the Financial Services ecosystem. They have supported us in honing our strategy and accelerating our growth across Africa.

Where do you see the Company in 5 years?

We see DPO covering and servicing the whole continent, with a physical presence across 28-30 countries in Africa. The Group will offer the most diversified suite of world class value added services, empowering merchants across the continent to develop their businesses, accept all payment types, expand their reach to the whole of Africa and beyond, and enhance their customer experiences.