• News 30 November 2021

Private Equity Africa 2021 award winners

Apis Partners is delighted to have been awarded the Private Equity Africa 2021 Award for Overall Portfolio Company of the Year for Greenlight Planet.

The Company’s products help families live brighter, safe and more productive lives, whilst reducing harmful greenhouse emissions, by substituting costly and polluting kerosene-powered lamps: over 735,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions were avoided in 2020 as a result of Greenlight customers not burning kerosene-fuelled lighting.

The vision for Greenlight Planet is to establish the world’s largest consumer financing company for rural and underserved consumers. This will drive energy inclusion, financial inclusion, and development for a consumer segment consisting of just under 1 billion people in the world, that always have experienced difficulty in accessing life changing products and services.

For more information on Greenlight Planet, please visit the company’s page on our website