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Vice President

Dolapo Agbaje

Dolapo has wide-ranging corporate finance experience across Sub-Saharan Africa. Prior to joining Apis, Dolapo worked for Standard Bank’s Telecoms, Media and Technology Group in London.
He was involved in the origination and execution of Mergers and Acquisitions and Debt and Equity financings for clients across Sub-Saharan Africa, including several financial technology transactions.

Previously, Dolapo was at Deloitte where he was a Manager in the corporate finance advisory practice, advising financial institutions on strategic alternatives and financing.


Lagos, Nigeria

Areas of expertise

Financial Services Providers/ Business Process Optimistaion, M&A

Currently located

Lagos, Nigeria


English, Yoruba, French

Prior Experience

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What is your favourite city? and why?

London is my favourite city. London is a melting pot infused with global influences. Food, art and culture from almost everywhere in the world is represented there. What is there not to like? (the weather, maybe). The city is extra special for me because I achieved a lot of personal and professional milestones there. I got my first job out of college there, I met my wife there, my daughter was born there and of course, I started work with Apis there.

Why work with Growth Markets?

Young, dynamic and increasingly tech savvy populations in these markets are looking to innovative solutions to improve quality of life. Growth Markets are often unburdened by legacy infrastructure and networks presenting white space opportunities for entrepreneurs across several sectors. At Apis, we are fortunate to partner with companies delivering truly innovative solutions within the Financial Services sector in Growth Markets.


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