Ellie Thorman

Executive Assistant & Office Manager (London)

Ellie’s role as Executive Assistant & Office Manager is to provide support to the Apis Investment team and look after the general day to day tasks of office management.

Prior to joining Apis, Ellie was an Executive Assistant at Moelis, where she was responsible for a team of 58 people, from MDs down to Analyst 1s. Before starting at Moelis, Ellie worked as a Marketing Assistant at TJB Super Yachts, helping primarily on the private travel side.

Ellie currently lives in London but likes to escape to the countryside in West Sussex to go riding and take her dog for long walks.



Petworth, West Sussex, UK

Currently located

London, UK


Life loves to throw curveballs – you just have to figure out how to make the best of every situation.

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Prior experience


Executive Assistant

TJB Super Yachts

Marketing Assistant


Godalming College

The Royal School, Haslemere


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