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Executive Assistant

Enrico Mileti Antonik

Enrico brings to the firm years of experience in comprehensive administrative and operational support as an Executive Assistant. He is also a specialist in coordinating functions and providing assistance for large-scale events.

Prior to joining Apis, Enrico was an Events Manager as well as Executive Assistant to a Senior Director at Walgreens Boots Alliance here in London.
Enrico was responsible for managing variety of administrative tasks and support to VIPs and C-level personnel. He was also tasked with organising various events that enhanced the company's image, improve client loyalty, and develop brand-to-client experience.
Prior to that, Enrico was Executive Assistant to the CEO of a boutique investment company in New York.

Enrico lives in London with his husband and dog, and he enjoys cooking, nutrition and spinning.


Rome, Italy

Areas of expertise

Scheduling, Events,Management, MS Office, Administrative Experience, Travel Arrangements, Expense Reports

Currently located

London, UK


English, Italian

Prior Experience

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What is the single most important thing in life for you?

Mauricio Bing, my 3 years old Shih-Tzu

What is your favourite city in the world? And why?

Nice, French Riviera. Wonderful weather all year long and the food is a perfect mix of French, Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Why work with Growth Markets?

Investments in Growth Markets offer the possibility to have a “clean start” and the opportunity to correct what has not worked in other markets in the past.

What do you like the most about Apis?

Diversity and Inclusion…. A Must for me.


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