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Managing Director - Senior Legal Counsel

Kassalina Boto

Kass is senior legal counsel at Apis with 12 years of broad transactional post-qualification experience.

At Apis, Kass works on all fund-raising, transactional, regulatory, compliance and legal matters. Prior to Apis, Kass was a senior investments lawyer at The Wellcome Trust (the UK’s largest charity) for 8 years where she worked on all aspects of Wellcome’s diverse investment portfolio. Prior to that, Kass was in the corporate private funds team at Clifford Chance for 4 years after having trained at the firm.

Kass lives in Sevenoaks, is married, has two children and loves reading, running and spending time with friends and family.


Sevenoaks, UK

Areas of expertise

Funds, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Regulatory and Compliance

Currently located

London, UK



Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Areas of focus at Apis

All legal and compliance matters

What would the trip of a lifetime be for you?

Exploring somewhere new with vibrant cities, beautiful countryside, lots of restaurants and a babysitter!

What is the single most important thing in life for you?

My family.

What do you like the most about Apis?

Working somewhere with such a buzz, a strong sense of purpose and values and which offers huge variety.

How did your background prepare you for a role at Apis?

I gained very broad transactional experience at the Wellcome Trust, working on both fund and direct investments. That breadth of experience travels across well to my role at Apis, as does having worked on fund-raisings and investments with a limited partner lens which brings a different and useful perspective.


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