Mary Harman

Investment Committee member

Mary is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in private equity, corporate strategy, and technology-driven businesses. She has over two decades of experience in the global financial technology sector, where she played a significant role in driving transformation across various fintech domains, including banking, payments, capital markets, and insurance.

Before joining Apis, Mary held executive positions at Bank of America. Notably, she led the Global Principal Investment division, overseeing a multi-billion-dollar portfolio that spanned different stages, geographies, and asset types. Her leadership extended to over 20 private company boards, where she contributed to building high-performance organizations.

In addition to her role in Global Principal Investment, Mary also held leadership positions within Corporate Strategy at Bank of America. She was instrumental in devising a novel approach to advance the diverse Payments-related business across the bank’s retail, small business, and corporate clients. This effort involved crafting a bank-wide strategy, establishing an innovative operating model, and forming a highly skilled team to drive this critical corporate priority forward.

Mary began her investing career at GE, where she focused on investments in global Media, Energy, Water, Health Care, and Financial Services Technology businesses. She has a proven track record of leveraging technology to accelerate transformation across multiple industries. Before her tenure at GE, Mary worked with clients at Ernst & Young.

Outside of her professional life, Mary resides in South Carolina, is married, and has two grown children. She is an avid world traveller, demonstrating a passion for exploring diverse cultures and destinations. Her extensive experience and leadership in the financial technology sector make her a valuable addition to Apis’ Investment Committee.


Currently located

South Carolina, US

Areas of expertise

Banking, Payments, Insurance, Technology platforms, Corporate Governance, Talent & Leadership Development


I always remember the saying, “Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of good.” High achievers often gravitate to perfectionism, but it can hinder progress and lead to excessive effort spent on trying to achieve an unrealistic standard.  I found this even more important in a field where collective intelligence is critical and dynamic markets can make or break.

I used to tell my teams: Embrace Good Enough Understand sometimes, it’s more practical and efficient to aim for really, really good rather you’re your version of perfect. This allows you to move forward and make progress without getting stuck in endless cycles of revisions. Adapt to Change In a dynamic world, being adaptable and open to feedback is essential. Learning to seek and accept feedback constructively is a valuable skill.  Your ability to incorporate feedback, adjust your work and focus on delivering the best outcome is what you should strive for. Strive for Continuous Improvement Well-constructed processes and workflows can streamline your work and help you achieve better results in less time.  Always look for ways to make yourself and the ways you work better.

As a reformed perfectionist, I shared this lesson with my teams to help them become more effective in their work. Encouraging a culture of continuous improvement, adaptability, and efficiency lead to make better decisions and adapt in the fast-paced and ever-changing investment world

Our family’s favourite hobby is travel, which we started when our children were young.  While it is more difficult now that they are in university or graduated, last year we managed trips together to Southern Europe and the Middle East & Egypt, with more trips planned in the years ahead.  While there are many personal benefits to our time together including strong bonds, education outside the classroom and memories we share, we also value that we raised global citizens.  We believe exposing children to diverse cultures across the globe and different experiences establishes a global perspective, environmental awareness, and civic responsibility.

The unique experience which prepares me to join the Apis Investment Committee is a track record of building, transforming and leading multiple Investment Committees across Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Global Principal Investment businesses. As a result, I bring intimate understanding of an Investment Committee’s objectives, opportunities, and challenges.  Equally important, I reviewed countless global transactions across dynamic economic cycles on each of the Committees.  This collective experience allows me a rich knowledge set to draw upon as an IC member.  From a style perspective, I have learned the importance of constructive communication, collective problem solving and continuous learning & talent development.  I hope to be an asset to continue to drive the firm’s tremendous success into the future.

Financial services play a crucial role in growth markets. They are the infrastructure that enables individuals, businesses, and governments to manage their money, make investments, and access credit, to stimulate growth.  Whether it is individuals looking to bank their savings or large enterprises with vast resource needs, financial services attract foreign and domestic capital to markets and allocate it efficiently.  The sector enables access to credit for consumers and business, which in turn, drives commerce and improves standards of living.  Whether the providers are multinational banks or emerging platforms, the credit allows business and consumers to make purchases, fuel growth and create jobs and, ultimately, wealth.

While this a simplified summary of the importance of financial services in growth, the nuance and detail of delivery create a rich set of investment opportunities.  They are essential for fostering economic growth in both emerging and developed markets.  Their tools and infrastructure for capital allocation, risk management and access to credit drive dynamic economies. I have spent my career exploring these markets and companies and look forward to continuing with Apis.

Prior experience

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Head of Global Principal Investment

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Corporate Strategy, Payments

GE Equity

Investment Officer, Energy, Health Care & Financial Services

Ernst & Young

Insurance Consulting


Duke University – The Fuqua School of Business

University of Richmond
BA – Economics & History

Boards & memberships

ACI Worldwide (NASDAQ: ACIW)

Chair, Nominating & Corporate Governance; Compensation & Leadership Development

Capital Market Gateway

Chair, Compensation Committee


Audit Committee

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