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Venture Partner

Nick Talwar

Nick has spent much of his career at the intersection of fast-scaling technology platforms and consumer / SME Financial Services, having launched and scaled some transformative customer propositions globally.

Prior to joining the Apis ecosystem, he was Global Head of Vehicle Financing at Uber, where he was responsible for the Group’s vehicle leasing, rentals and fleet management division.
Prior to that Nick served as General Manager of Amazon Lending, and also led Visa's credit card business in North America.

Nick is married with three children, and enjoys trying out CrossFit gyms wherever his Apis travels take him.


San Francisco, USA

Areas of expertise

Growth, Digital lending, Tech-enabled marketplaces

Currently located

Menlo Park, California, USA


English, Spanish, Hindi (rudimentary)

Prior Experience

Linkedin profile


Boards & memberships

World Economic Forum

Young Global Leader


Board Advisor

Areas of focus at Apis

Portfolio management and value creation across Apis’ portfolio companies.

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If you did not work for Apis, what would you like to do?

This IS the job I coveted while I was in the first half of my career! I have spent the past 20 years as an operator, and aspired to one day be able to make a bigger impact by contributing my experiences in fast-growing companies and digitally-oriented financial services on the broader scale that Apis offers. I get to collaborate with relentlessly committed colleagues and portfolio and target investee executives on how to bring world-class financial solutions to underserved customers in Growth Markets.

What is your favourite book/movie? And why?

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I read the book during University while simultaneously taking a seminar on Capitalism and Democracy by Jean Kirkpatrick, a professor and ex-US Ambassador to the UN I deeply admired. Rand’s view on how society tends to organize itself and Professor Kirkpatrick’s on the potency of free agents left to create and produce deeply influenced the development of my own political philosophy and what I wanted to do with my life.

What do you like best about Apis?

I tend to be impatient and I love that at Apis we get almost instant market feedback to our choices. We invest in companies that have established product-market fit, unit economics that work and are ready to scale. So when we invest, we do so with a formulated growth-oriented value creation plan that is activated by the new capital almost immediately. I find it enormously rewarding to see the impact of our investment capital and the value creation plans to support the mission-driven work of our portfolio companies often within weeks of engaging.


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