Saurabh Vashist

Vice President

Saurabh is a member of the investment team at Apis and is based in Mumbai, India. He has spent 6+ years in Private Equity and Investment Banking in India.

Prior to joining Apis, Saurabh was a part of the investment team at Advent, where he focused on buyout deals in India and was part of various investments in consumer and tech services. Prior to that he was at Actis, a leading investor in growth markets, where he focused on investments in Financial Services. Saurabh began his career in Investment Banking at Avendus and as a Quantitative Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse.

Saurabh lives in Mumbai and outside of work enjoys trekking, reading, scuba diving, and travelling



Jaipur, India

Currently Located

Mumbai, India

Areas of Expertise

Growth, Digital lending, Technology platforms




 “Great things are done when Men and Mountains meet” – William Blake

My favourite movie is ‘Touching the Void’, an extraordinary tale of grit, survival, and friendship of two climbers in impossible danger, a shattered leg, a drop, a body hanging from a rope set in the Peruvian Andes. While the book is quite technical, but I like it because of the resilience show by one of the climbers even in the darkest of times (read as falling in a crevice with severe frostbites and a broken leg and not a soul to call upon for help).

I would love to do the mother of all road trips – travel from the top of Alaska to the tip of Tierra Del Fuego on the Pan American Highway.

Monopolistic market position in a huge TAM with strong moats and high barriers to entry with 30%+ growth and 10x EBITDA Multiple.

A collection of smart and relentless group of people; working with outlier entrepreneurs and helping them create legendary companies and shaping the future of fintech.

Prior experience







Credit Suisse

Quantitative Risk


IIT Bombay

Bachelors and Masters in Chemical Engineering

Areas of focus at Apis

Financial Services, India

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