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Managing Partner

Udayan Goyal

Udayan has been a keen proponent of the fast-changing landscape of Financial Services in the transition from an industrial era to the information age and now to the networked economy.
He fell into the intersection of Financial Services and technology well before the term FinTech was coined and traversed the Growth Markets when they were called frontier markets.
His global experience began as the son of a diplomat living across multiple continents with his working life commencing in traditional investment banking and transitioning through to investing and entrepreneurship.

Prior to co-founding Apis, Udayan co-founded and lead Anthemis Group, the first specialist global investor in FinTech based in London where he made 32 investments including well-known names such as Simple, Betterment and Trov. Prior to that he was Global Head of Financial Technology Advisory at Deutsche Bank.

Udayan lives in London, is married with two children, and enjoys trying out innovative spinning studios to work off his passion for food and wine wherever his Apis travels take him.


New Delhi, India

Areas of expertise

Financial Services and Technology, Ecosystem Development, Structuring & Investing

Currently located

London, UK


English, Hindi, Greek (rudimentary)

Prior Experience

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Star Health




Swift Enablers Board



Anthemis Group

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What are your favourite hobbies?

When my life is not consumed by Apis, I am a huge fan of the performing arts including theatre and dance. I have a passion for food and wine which extends to me spending time in the kitchen and experimenting on my long-suffering family. My passion for travel to experience new cultures, cuisines and people has yet to abate along with my need to continuously learn something new every day!

What is so important about Financial Services in Growth Markets?

Financial Services is a key enabler of expansion in Growth Markets. The ability to remove the inefficiency and friction of the use of legacy instruments such as cash, through financial inclusion, has a multiplier effect on GDP growth which results in a better life for the people in these markets. In my mind, therefore it is imperative that governments, the international community and enablers of investment such as Apis focus on driving financial services, with the help of innovation and technology, as a cornerstone of building better lives for people across the world. This was the key driver that pushed my co-founder and me to start Apis.


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