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Invested August, 2019 - March, 2021


Tutuka is a third-party payments enabler that makes payments happen by enabling our clients' customers to pay with Mastercard and Visa cards and products. Tutuka enables fintechs, mobile wallets, apps and banks across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America to issue virtual and physical cards and other Mastercard and Visa payment products. Tutuka's processor plus model allows our clients to easily, cost effectively and quickly link into card schemes without the complexity and slow timelines normally associated with processors.


Johannesburg, South Africa




Africa & Asia


Issuer processing

Where did the idea for Tutuka come from?

Tutuka is a Zulu and Swahili word meaning “growth” or “progress”. We adopted the name because it represented where the company started but was also a name that could work globally.

That name and idea became the genesis of a company that started in South Africa but realised that across emerging markets there were hundreds of millions pockets of stores of money in mobile money accounts, wallets, fintechs, remittances, challenger bank accounts and microfinance loans.

Customers of these stores of money are limited to sending money to each other or buying a limited set of virtual goods such as airtime. However these same customers want to buy on GooglePlay, iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and millions of other ecommerce sites, withdraw money their money from any ATM or pay at a point of sales across the world.

To do that they need a Mastercard, Visa or China Union Pay card. Internationally Tutuka was born to make it easier for these telcos, fintechs, remittance companies, microfinance lenders, challenger banks to issue their customers open loop payment cards and be a part of the wider world of open loop transactions.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

Processing across 40 countries, a top global processor and having the changed the lives of tens of millions of people who previously were excluded from the every day ecommerce, ATM and point of sale transactions.

What is it like to work with Apis?

Apis brings a combination of financial expertise with real payments and emerging market knowledge. That is a rare combination that has been extraordinarily valuable to a company like Tutuka that operates in emerging markets and payments. That expertise coupled with Apis’s network and active support has been a enormous boost for Tutuka.